“For a restaurant business, music is considered more important than the décor and slightly less important than the food it serves. "

Cooks Illustrated (2019)

A revolutionary music & analytics service

Our mission is to pump up the quality of the music and atmosphere in Israel’s top eateries, thereby assuring the customers of a great night out.

We believe that restauranteurs should never underestimate the positive impact that the right kind of music can have on your customers, clients, your staff, and – most importantly- your turnover.

How We Work

Initial Consultation

You contact us and sign up for an initial consultation. We fix a time to come and experience your restaurant in action, and we listen to your aspirations. We then tailor make your first Museat personalized playlist, to suit your unique restaurant and your unique customer profile.

Six Month Full Service Contract

We work on the basis of a six month rolling contract, during which Museat will provide a new playlist each week, in order to optimize your customers’ experience and your business goals. We will visit your restaurant and review the Museat playlist effectiveness with you once per month.

Who we are

Alan Yurman


Tel Aviv, Israel
Narrator/Broadcaster, UX/UI & SEO
IDC Herzliya Graduate: Interactive Communications

Rafael Black

CEO & CO-Founder

Herzliya Pituach
Restaurante and entrepreneur
IDC Herzliya graduate

The Difference
We Make

“When it comes to making business successful, music has been proved to be a boon, especially in a restaurant business.”  The New York Times (2018)

Our research reveals that certain elements in music like, tempo, BPM, and delay, are known to directly alter the behavior of customers in restaurants,  and are crucial to determining the amount of time and money they will spend at your establishment.

For example:  A slower tempo may indirectly cause a diner to stay/consume for longer;  A faster tempo may cause the diner to eat more or to eat faster.  Other factors like volume (& Vol. Adaptation in relation to # of people), are (All of our claims are validated by scientific data, and case studies.)

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